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Not only do you have access to the fantastic 83-page User Generated Content Report (free of charge) - when you order a copy of XCommentPro you also get a full set of four professionally-produced videos which explain the whole concept of UGC in detail.

These great quality videos can be streamed on-line or downloaded (to suit your preference) and together make up a whopping total of over three hours of content for your enjoyment and learning.

The short list below gives an idea of some of the sections covered, including the many benefits of adding this sort of comment script functionality to your pages:

What exactly UGC is... a definition and a look at the history of UGC
Why UGC is so important to your business
26 benefits you can derive from using UGC
31 practical applications for UGC in your business
16 potential pitfalls you must be aware of, when using UGC
12 solutions for overcoming UGC challenges
4 legal issues you need to be aware of when using UGC
7 tools and applications for adding UGC to your web site

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