support using rating scripts and moreSupporting You, Our Valued Customer

As an XCommentPro user, your ongoing enjoyment of our software is very important to us. We recognize that what might seem straightforward to one user may be quite the opposite to another, and so we are committed to helping you every step of the way.

To this end, we have made available a number of support resources, listed below that will hopefully be of use to you as you familiarize yourself with the XCommentPro software:

1) Quick Start Guide - 30 pages (online version / PDF version)

The Quick Start Guide is designed to hold your hand through the process of creating and embedding your XCommentPro commenting & rating scripts into your web pages. This tutorial takes approximately 15-20 minutes to work through on average, and so will do wonders for your confidence using the XCommentPro software!

2) XCommentPro Manual - 130 pages (online version / PDF version)

The full manual goes into a full and detailed explanation of each and every one of XCommentPro's feature-set (that's why there are so many pages!). This help documentation is also at your fingertips throughout the software itself (see below for more).

3) Contextual help, within the XCommentPro software itself

At any point, when using the XCommentPro software on your computer, you may access the full XCommentPro manual locally, by simply pressing the "F1" key on your keyboard. Helpfully, the manual will open right at the specific page corresponding to the screen you are looking at, there and then.

4) Frequently-asked Questions: about rating scripts and much more (link to XCommentPro FAQ)

The XCommentPro FAQ is full of the questions we get asked more often that anything else, so it's a great place to go to quickly see whether your question has already been answered. This can save valuable time if you are struggling with any aspect of the XCommentPro software. Click the FAQ link above to jump to the FAQ page at any time.

5) The XSitePro Forum (link to XSitePro Forum)

The XSitePro forum is full of people who, just like you, have grabbed their own copy of XCommentPro - so it's a great place to find answers to questions and to get some ideas for using XCommentPro productively. The quickest way to find what you're looking for in the forum is to conduct a search.

6) XCommentPro Support Ticket System

If none of the support resources above can help you answer your question, or solve your problem, then feel free to submit a support ticket to our knowledgeable team here at XCommentPro. Tickets are answered within 24 hours of being submitted during working days (Monday to Friday). Tickets submitted after Thursday evening may not be answered until the following Monday.

Please note that ticket system support is only available to registered users.

To submit a support ticket request, click the button below:

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